Fight! YOUtachi ~Johnny’s Jr No.1 Ketteisen~

Fight! YOUtachi ~Johnny’s Jr No.1 Ketteisen~
Fight! YOUtachi~ Johnny’s Jr No.1 Ketteisen

Fight! YOUtachi ~Johnny’s Jr No.1 Ketteisen~

Name :Fight! YOUtachi ~Johnny’s Jr No.1 Ketteisen~ (ファイト! YOUたち~ジャニーズJr. NO.1決定戦~)
On Aired Date : 2014.05.17
Broadcast Time : Saturday, 15:00
TV Channel : TBS
MC : Demizu Naru (TBS Announcer), A.B.C-Z
Cast : 100 members of Johnny’s Jr
Fight! YOUtachi ~Johnny’s Jr No.1 Ketteisen~ was variety show features 100 members of Johnny’s Jr (9 – 21 years old). They would be re-audition to decided who was become Johnny’s Jr No. 1. Audition was divided into four steps that were dancing, running 30 m, comedy and singing. The present of this show was solo live in Live House Johnny’s Ginza Theatre CREA with A.B.C-Z as his backdancer.
Stage 1 (Dance)
Stage 2 (Running 30m)
Stage 3 (Comedy)
Final Stage (Singing)


  • Not all Johnny’s Jr that 9 – 21 years old attended in the show.
  • In Stage 1 challenge, Johnny’s Jr must memorized SMAP’s Dynamite choreography in 30 minutes.
  • Johnny’s Jr must repeated  until 11 times to selected 21 members.
  • Motodaka Katsuki was crying when he passed Stage 1 challenge.
  • The winner, Nagase Ren, was singing Murasaki and Za ABC ~5stras~