Koyama Keiichiro

Koyama Keiichiro (小山慶一郎)
Koyama Keiichiro - 2014

Koyama Keiichiro (2014)

Nickname : Kei-chan (慶ちゃん), Koyamacchi (小山っち), Koya-chan (こやちゃん), Ke- (けー)
Birthplace : Kanagawa, Japan
Birthdate : May 1, 1984
Bloodtype : O
Height : 179 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Feet Size : 27 cm
Joined : January 21, 2001
Koyama Keiichiro is a member of NEWS. He is the leader of this group.
  • Ability: Baseball
  • College: Meiji University (Asian History)
  • Pet: cat (Nyanta)
  • Family: mother (Yasuko), older sister (Miki Mama), Nephew (Haru, Ren)
  • First love: kindergarten (the girl who lived near his house)
  • Pair: Kato Shigeaki
  • Same period with Yoko Wataru.
  • He and Kato Shigeaki called as KoyaShige.
  • His older sister is big fan of SMAP’s Katori Shingo. She also sent the resume to Johnny’s.
  • When he was 5th of primary school, his parents divorced.
  • His family has ramen restaurant.
  • Wanted to be a professional baseball player.
  • Failed his favorite high school’s entrance exam. He really hated his school but in the end he changed to other school at his 2nd Because his school not allowed his students work in the entertainment industry.
  • Was mailed for 2nd examination of audition more than 3 months.
  • Was playing baseball during his audition.
  • His image of Johnny’s was of blond hair and earrings. So, he wore earring and dye his hair during audition. When he went out of the hall, Johnny Kitagawa told him that it didn’t suit with him then he dyed his hair to black the day after.
  • Wanted to quit the showbiz if he couldn’t debut within the 20 years.
  • Is the oldest member of NEWS.
  • B.A.D
  • B.B.B
  • J-Support
  • KK.Kity
  • J2000
Solo Song
Duet Song
Media Appearance
  • [2004] Kanojo ga Shinjatta
  • [2004] Gekidan Engimono: Unlucky Days Natsume no Mousou
  • [2006] Ns’ Aoi
  • [2006] Kurosagi
  • [2006] Hanayome wa Yakudoshi
  • [2007] Yukan Club
  • [2008] Loss Time Life
  • [2009] 0 Goshitsu no Kyaku
  • [2012] Lucky Seven
  • [2013] Lucky Seven SP
Variety Show
  • The Shonen Club
  • Ya-Ya-yah
  • Hi! Hey! Say!
  • Ashita Tsukaeru Shinrigaku! Teppan Note
  • Soukon
  • news every
  • Mirai Theatre
Radio Show
  • K-chan NEWS
  • RUSS-K
Koyama Keiichiro - 2013

Koyama Keiichiro (2013)

Koyama Keiichiro - 2012

Koyama Keiichiro (2012)