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Name : J Storm, Inc
Japanese name : Kabushikigaisha J Storm  (株式会社ジェイ・ストーム)
Founded : November 12, 2001
Adress : Miyama’s Tower 2F, 10-10 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0002
J Storm is a record maker and movie production company established on November 12, 2001. This company also has subsidiaries, those are J-One Records and INFINITY RECORDS.
J-One Records is KAT-TUN’s private label under J Storm. It intoduced for the first time in March 2006.
INFINITY RECORDS (インフィニティ・レコーズ) is Kanjani8’s private label under J Storm. This group transferred from Imperial Records to INFINITY RECORDS since August, 2014.
  • The first released single was Arashi’s 7th single, a Day in Our Life on February 6, 2002. Arashi was transfered from Pony Canyon.
  • TOKIO was transfered from Universal J. Their first single was released by J Storm is their 40th single, Amagasa/Akireru Kurai Bokura wa Negaou on September 3, 2008.
  • J Storm also release CD drama soundtrack and movie, concert and stage play.
  • The first single was released under INFINITY RECORDS is Kanjani8’s 30th single, Atta Janaika/CloveR.
J Storm
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