NEWS Nippon

NEWS Nippon
EAST Version

EAST Version


WEST Version

CD Information
Artist : NEWS
Single : NEWS Nippon (NEWSニッポン)
Release Date : 2003.11.07
Label : Johnny’s Entertainment
Catalog  Number / Price:
  • CD Only, EAST Version
  • CD Only, WEST Version
Regular Edition
  1. NEWS Nippon (NEWSニッポン)
  2. Arigatou Ima (ありがとう・今)
  3. NEWS Nippon (NEWSニッポン) (Original Karaoke)
  4. Arigatou Ima (ありがとう・今) (Original Karaoke)
Limited Edition
  1. NEWS Nippon (NEWSニッポン)
  2. Private Hearts
  3. NEWS Nippon (NEWSニッポン) (Original Karaoke)
  4. Private Hearts (Original Karaoke)
General Information
  • NEWS Nippon is NEWS’ 1st single.
  • Tie up: women’s volley ball tournament (NEWS Nippon)
  • This single was only available in limited edition at 7-11 store At the time, the unit was only formed to promote the women’s volley ball tournament, which is why their single NEWS Nippon was not their official debut single.
  • Morita Takahiro left NEWS before debut single was released.
  • One and only NEWS‘ single that consist of complete members.