Asada Junya

Asada Junya (朝田淳弥)
Asada Junya (2014)

Asada Junya (2014)

Nickname : Junya (じゅんや), 姉さん (Ane-san), 淳子姉さん (Junko nee-san)
Birthplace : Osaka, Japan
Birthdate : October 17, 1996
Bloodtype : B
Height : 167 cm
Weight : 49 kg
Feet Size : 26 cm
Joined : April 3, 2009
Asada Junya is a member of Kansai Johnny’s Jr. He is also a member of Gang Star.
  • Favorite food: curry rice
  • Favorite animal: dog
  • Favorite season: summer, autumn
  • Favorite subject: science, physical education
  • Pet: miniature dachshund (Maro)
  • Ability: drum
  • Admired senpai: Sakurai Sho, Ohkura Tadayoshi
  • Reason to joined Johnny’s: after he watched SMAP’s concert and he was told to his mother wanted to joined.
  • Same period with Kaneuchi Toma, Kusama Richard Keita, Ohashi Kazuya
  • Has a younger brother and a younger sister.
  • Belonged to light music club (drum).
Media Appearance
Variety Show
  • The Shonen Club
  • Taki CHANnel


Asada Junya (2011)

Asada Junya (2011)