Masuo Hiiro

Masuo Hiiro (増尾陽路)
Masuo Hiiro (2014)

Masuo Hiiro (2014)

Nickname : Hiiroo (ヒーロー), Hiiro-kun (ひいろくん), Masuo-san (ますおさん), Hii-kun (ひいくん)
Birthplace : Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate : March 19, 2002
Bloodtype :
Height : 143 cm
Weight : 30 kg
Feet Size : 24 cm
Joined : July, 2012
Mitsuo Hiiro is a member of Johnny’s Jr.
  • Favorite food: strawberry
  • Disliked food: bean jam
  • Favorite color: light blue
  • Favorite sport: soccer
  • Favorite subject: arithmetic, physical education
  • Favorite animal: dog
  • Hobbies: Lego, soccer
  • Ability: dance
  • Admired senpai: Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Kento
  • Same period with: Vasayegh Wataru, Toyoda Rikito, Matsumoto Takuma, Kawashita Gaku
  • Entered Johnnys because he met Matsumoto Jun whom took photograp for drama at the hospital
  • Johnny’s Dome Theatre ~SUMMARY2012~
  • JOHNNYS’ World
  • JOHNNYS’ World no Kanshasai in TOKYO DOME
Media Appearance
Variety Show
  • The Shonen Club
  • Taki CHANnel
Masuo Hiiro (2013)

Masuo Hiiro (2013)


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