Mary Kitagawa

Mary Kitagawa (メリー喜多川)
Current Name : Fujishima Mary Yasuko (藤島メリー泰子)
Birthplace : Los Angeles, California, USA
Birthdate : December 25, 1926
Husband : Fujishima Taisuke
Daughter : JULIE K
Brother : Johnny Kitagawa
Mary Kitagawa is a vice president of Johnny & Associates. She is also president of Johnny’s Entertainment.
  • College: Los Angeles City College
  • Oldest daughter of Kitagawa Taido, the third director of Koyasan Buddist Temple in Little Tokyo.
  • Has three younger brother, one of them is Johnny Kitagawa.
  • After Pacific war, she was back to Japan on June 18, 1942 by ship. Then lived in Wakayama, Osaka. She participated in Osaka Sochiku Shojo Kagekidan (Girl Opera).
  • Ever schooled at Wakayama University but left on July 9, 1945 because the college burnt out.
  • After end of war, she went to US with her three younger brothers. Then graduated from Los Angeles City College.
  • In 1952, she and Johnny Kitagawa was back to Japan.
  • She opened counter bar named “Spot”. Then, she married with Fujishima Taisuke, one of visitor of her bar. Fujishima Taisuke was a Tokyo Shinbun repoter and a writer.
  • Fujishima Julie Keiko is a one only child of her.
  • After Johnny Kitagawa founded Johnny & Associates, in June, 1962. She closed her bar and joined as accunting of the office.
  • She was a stylist of Four Leaves.
  • She manages the whole coorporate management of Johnnys

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