Vasayegh Hikaru

Vasayegh Hikaru (ヴァサイェガ光)
Vasayegh Hikaru (Middle 2014)

Vasayegh Hikaru (Middle 2014)

Nickname : Hikaru (ヒカル), Vasa (ヴァサ)
Birthplace : Saitama, Japan
Birthdate : March 30, 1999
Bloodtype : A
Height : 158 cm
Weight : 34 kg
Feet Size : 25,5 cm
Joined : June, 2012

Vasayegh Hikaru was a member of Johnny’s Jr. Currently, he is a member of G=AGE by using name VASA.
  • Favorite food: sushi, french fries
  • Disliked food: lever
  • Admired senpai: Sato Shori, Takaki Yuya
  • Ability: basketball, drum
  • Hobbies: basketball, running
  • Strong point: being cheerful always
  • Weak point: selfish, cannot get up early in the morning
  • Family: father (Iranian), mother (Japanese), younger brother, younger sister
  • High school: Clark Memorial International School
  • Reason to joined Johnny’s: he wanted to join after seeing Sexy Zone
  • Admire senpai: Sato Shori
  • Same period with Kakuta Yusei, Ishida NaoyaInaba Manaya
  • His younger brother, Vasayegh Wataru is a member of Johnny’s Jr.
  • His younger sister, Vasayegh Nagisa is a model belong to Owesome and Junesse. She born on November 19, 2001
  • He also belonged to Free Wave and Junes before entered Johnny’s.
  • Half Japanese and Half Iranian.
  • Johnny’s Dome Theatre ~SUMMARY2012~
  • JOHNNYS’ World no Kansashai in TOKYO DOME
  • Gamushara J’s Party
Media Apperance
Variety Show

Vasayegh Hikaru (After Left Johnnys)

Vasavegh Hikaru (2014)

Vasavegh Hikaru (Early 2014)

Vasavegh Hikaru (2013)

Vasavegh Hikaru (2013)

Vasayegh Hikaru (2012)

Vasayegh Hikaru (2012)

Vasayegh Hikaru before joined the agency

Vasayegh Hikaru before joined Johnny’s