Jesse (ジェシー)
Jesse (MIddle 2014)

Jesse (Middle 2014)

Fullname : Lewis Masaya Jesse (ルイス・まさや・ジェシー)
Nickname : Jesse (ジェシー), Jesse-kun (ジェシーくん)、Jeshitan (じぇしたん), Jeshio (じぇしお),  Jack (ジャック), JC
Birthplace : Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate : June 11, 1996
Blood Type :
Height : 184 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Feet Size : 27.5 cm
B : 90 cm
W : 77 cm
H : 94 cm
Joined : September 11, 2006
Jesse is a member of Johnny’s Jr.
  • Favorite food: sushi (salmon, eel), yakiniku
  • Disliked food: bitter gourd
  • Favorite snack: He has a top recipe named Jessemissu.
  • Favorite flower: tulip and rose. In his house there are so many flower that plant by his grandmother. He often watering the plants.
  • Favorite word: ohayou gozaimasu
  • Favorite girl’s hair style: straight
  • Favorite girl’s style: white bulky
  • Favorite color: blue, green, red
  • Favorite song: KinKi Kids‘ songs
  • Favorite season: winter
  • Favorite subject: English, mathematics science
  • Disliked subject: national language, society
  • Favorite aroma: shampoo’s aroma
  • Favorite manga: Prince of Tennis
  • Strong point: not easy to be angry, hating to lose, make people laughs, go toward never give up, self-confidence
  • Weak point: easy to get tired
  • Ability: monomane (Donal Duck, Fukuhara Masaharu, Tokunaga Hideaki, Machine Gun, Sticht), karate, dance.
  • Habit: playing with his tongue
  • High School: Clark Memorial International School
  • Fear: dark place, insect
  • Family: father (American from Las Vegas, O Type), mother (Japanese, A Type), grandfather, grandmother, younger sister, dog (puma, toy puddle)
  • Admired senpai: Kimura Takuya, Domoto Tsuyoshi
  • Closed senpai: Tamamori Yuta, Tsukada Ryoichi, Goseki Koichi, Yamashita Tomohisa, Fujigaya Taisuke
  • Closed kouhai: Jinguji Yuta, Kishi Yuta
  • His real name is Lewis Jesse (ルイス・ジェシー) but changed by Johnny Kitagawa in December 10, 2012 become Jesse (ジェシー).
  • His father has blond hair and green eyes, his height like his father.
  • Same period with Iwamoto Hikaru, Kishi Takayoshi, Yamakura Sharufu, Takahashi Takuya, Fujii Ryusei
  • His nickname in R no Hosoku is Jesse (ジェシー) and his R’s number is 000030.
  • His father, Alan Lewis, is an English teacher.
  • Always goes to Las Vegas every Christmas.
  • His brown hair is original.
  • Talks with his family using English.
  • If he was born as a girl, he would named as Jessica.
  • Become a regular model of FINE BOYS Magazine since July, 2014.
  • His nickname, Jack, given by his father. In English it means brat.
  • Doesn’t know his own blood type.
  • The origin of his name is in the bible, there was a person called Jesse, who could contact the god. His parents wished that he could become a great person like that too.
  • Belonged soccer club and volunteer activities at school.
  • Good at karate, soccer, sword fight, rope jumping, freestyle basketball.
  • His favorite song to dance are Sing for you (Tamamori Yuta, Miyata Toshiya, Senga Kento), me~chikyuu no iru~ (Kinki Kids), REAL DX (Tackey & Tsubasa)
  • Appeared in SPURMAN magazine.

CD Jacket

Stage Play
  • JOHNNY’s 2020 World
Media Appearances
  • [2012] Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou
  • [2012] Sprout
  • [2012] The Quiz SP
  • [2013] Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou
  • [2013] Kamen Teacher
  • [2013] Pin to Kona
  • [2013] Ando Lloyd~A.I. knows LOVE ?~
  • [2014] Road Show! Kamen Teacher SP
  • [2012] Gekijouban Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou
  • [2014] Gekijouban Kamen Teacher
Variety Show
  • Shonen Club
  • Yan Yan JUMP
  • R no Hosoku
  • YOU Conte Shichaina yo
  • Gamushara!
  • [2013] 31 Ice Cream Baskin Robbin
  • [2014] AOKI
  • [2014] Shidax “Heart & Smile Yuuki Project 2014”
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