Snow Prince

Snow Prince
Regular Edtion

Regular Edtion

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

Single  : Snow Prince (スノープリンス)
Release Date : 2009.12.02
Label : Sony Music Entertainment
Catalog  Number / Price:
  • CD Only, Regular Edition / JECN-211
  • CD+DVD, Limited Edition
Regular Edition
  • 1. Snow Prince (スノープリンス)
  • 2. Christmas Song Medley (クリスマスソングメドレー)
  • 3. Bitter Moon
  • 4. Christmas Song Medley (クリスマスソングメドレー) (Original Karaoke)
Limited Edition
  • 1. Snow Prince (スノープリンス)
  • 2. Snow Prince (Choral Version) (スノープリンス合唱版)
  • 3. Snow Prince (スノープリンス) (Original Karaoke)
  • 4. Snow Prince (Choral Version) (accompaniment) (スノープリンス合唱版 (伴奏))
  • Snow Prince Music Video
  • Snow Prince Making of
General Information
  • Snow Prince is Snow Prince Gasshoudan’s debut single
  • Tie up: Snow Prince Kinjirareta Koi no Melody (Snow Prince)
  • Peak No. 5 Oricon chart in first week
  • Total reported sale: –
  • Snow Prince Gasshoudan was a temporary choir group. The members had an average 10,5 years at the time.
  • In the Johnny’s history, this group became the youngest group with all members were Johnny’s Jr to release a single.
  • This group existed until the end of 2010 before it was disbanded